Retail Packaging- Then and Now (An Insight on Previous and Latest Trends)

24 Aug 2019

Most of the packaging that consumers come across is retail. Be it a gadget box, a makeup gift set, apparel boxes or display packaging, all of these are retail packaging solutions. Previously retail packaging boxes were merely used for safe storage and handing over of products to the customers. With the changing trends of branding and marketing, custom retail boxes are now popularly utilized for promoting a business and its merchandise. These boxes are not just a wrapping for a product; these are effectively used for showcasing an item to the potential buyers. Here is an analysis of how retail packaging has evolved over the years!

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Why you Need Tray and Sleeve Boxes for your Product Packaging?

11 July 2019

There are number of packaging box styles available to the retailers these days. Many of them are quite attractive to look at; there are some that are user friendly, while others provide support and safety to the packaged products. While you are considering your options for product boxes, you need to consider the elements of an aesthetically appealing design, user friendliness and the shelf life of your merchandise. Among the various packaging styles, tray and sleeve boxes are a laudable option for their purposefulness and layout. These can be customized for any kind of product ranging from an accessory to a food item. Here are the reasons you need to consider this packaging style for your products!

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Latest Trends to Follow for Cosmetic Packaging

20 Jun 2019

Be it Sephora, L’Oreal, NARS or any other top cosmetic brand, what customers like about them is definitely their unique makeup range. But packaging is something that sways them into checking out more and more items. Cosmetic packaging is indeed one of the decisive factors for customers to buy a certain product, this is the reason a hefty sum is spent by brands annually to revamp and improve their custom cosmetic boxes. Whether it is long lash mascara, matte lipsticks, eye-shadow pallet or a pen eye-liner a customer would judge a makeup business by the layout of its packaging. So all those cosmetic businesses out there, you need to have a look at these latest trends of cosmetic packaging!

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Essential Elements of Contemporary Custom Packaging

11 Jun 2019

Your product packaging is more than just storage or wrapping solution. It says a lot about your brand and offers. A customer can instantly like or reject your business/product by just having a glance at the product box. So why throw away an opportunity to create a great impression about your brand? Your custom boxes can play an effective role not only in making your products likable and worth buying but also building rapport with your customers. Custom packaging boxes should be designed keeping in view the latest printing and branding inclinations. Be mindful of what is new and trending to make your custom product boxes worth checking out by the potential buyers. Here are the vitals of contemporary custom packaging boxes!

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